Valentino Restaurant

The restaurant is an oasis of cozy calm, its atmosphere made even more soothing by the color scheme of creams and browns bathed in warm lighting. The space has been designed with both classical and traditional Southeast Asian features, including a wall decked out in rich colored tapestries calling to mind the fabrics of the ethnic minorities.

Red Bean or “đậu đỏ” in Vietnamese is a very important ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine (as well as other Asian nations) because of its versatility, accessibility, and taste. Aside from having a high nutritional value, the red bean also embodies a deep and powerful meaning within Asian societies. It is believed that the red bean is the sign of love and fidelity, and it is often used symbolically in poems about love and romance.

As well as this symbolic meaning, the red bean also represents the owners’ youngest son, Ðỗ Trần Minh Quân. His mother and father nicknamed him đậu đỏ due to his appearance when born. This name stuck and is now used as the brand name for the La Siesta restaurant chain.

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