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Few cities in Asia match Hanoi’s electricity and intensity, making serene corners to escape the buzz all the more treasured. Step into our version of serenity – our boutique spa – and allow it all to drift away. Our skilled practitioners are focused on the experience, ensuring that your spa choice goes far beyond the treatment, and we only use products of the highest quality.

Our Treatments

In this age of technology, stress and hyper-competition, Lotus Spa offers a mix of the world class massage based therapies integrated with the healing practices of the region to regenerate, relax and take pleasure. Paying tribute to the cultural diversity and rich healing heritage of the area, this stylish and boutique spa blends ancient practices with modern, using natural local ingredients to provide a blissful relaxation and recovery opportunities. Our spa treatments are tailored to meet diverse needs of customers, ranging from foot massage, body massage to body holistic rituals and facial skincare. Visiting Lotus Spa, you will not only find a place to give yourself a treat, but more importantly, get a sense of friendly hospitable local Hanoians.

A Note on Our Ingredients

We carry an impressive line of natural spa ingredients from the finest cold pressed vegetable oils, ranging the highest quality natural essential oils, salts, mud, and clay. These quality ingredients are carefully selected for their functionality in skincare, hair care and beauty treatments, from the basic to the exotic, we are your specialist in natural spa ingredients.


– Daily offer: 20% off all treatments.

– Happy Hour: 10 AM – 12 PM: 30% off all treatments.

*Applied for all guests

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