Valentino Restaurant

In our restaurant, we specialize in taking classic recipes and elevating them to international standards. We source only the best ingredients through our carefully created network of organic farms and bespoke suppliers, ensuring quality and flavor in each and every mouthful. Our menu is an orchestra of local dishes, including all the must-try specialty dishes, and a selection of lesser-known personal favorites. We take pride in our restaurant being an ambient and tranquil space that looks out over the twinkling lights of the city – a welcome refuge after a day of exploring the sights.

Our Ingredients

Food tastes better when you can trust what you’re eating, which is why we’re proud to offer fresh food from daily deliveries to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used to create our premium dishes. Every single ingredient is hand-picked by our executive chef and re-checked carefully as soon as it arrives.
The Valentino Restaurant highlights traditional Vietnamese cuisine while pushing an ingredient-driven menu that showcases local farmers and national heritage. Additionally, our restaurant sources unusual and exotic ingredients to ensure a unique dining and wining experiences. By combining the time-honored local culinary techniques with a modern twist, we are committed to delivering superbly conceived dishes that offer contemporary interpretations of the classics.

Our Menu

Our menu features the very best in authentic flavorful Vietnamese cuisine including dishes from all regions of the country as well as an extensive selection of favorite international fare, prepared by our dedicated and experienced chefs and served by a team of passionate staff.

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